Pilates Demos

Reformer Short Spine Inversion

A Pilates "feel good" exercise! Part stretch, part core strength, and part massage as you roll down through your spine, Short Spine is a beginner level Pilates inversion where the springs of the Reformer assist you as you elevate away from the carriage and then sequentially place your body to the mat.

Reformer Up Stretch

Up Stretch on the Reformer is a fun way to add movement to your plank. Use your core strength to lift your spine as you control the movement of the spring loaded carriage.

Cadillac Suspended Spread Eagle

The Spread Eagle exercise on the Pilates Cadillac Trapeze Table is a suspended back extension with additional stability challenge from the springs supporting the feet. It is wonderful for improving posture, feels and looks great!

Spread Eagle Prep Standing on the Cadillac Trapeze Table

Spread Eagle refers to a sequential spine articulation while extending the hips. This transfers support of your body weight as you lift your chest into extension (❤️  PHYSICS). Spread Eagle variations can be done on several different types of equipment including this beginner version done standing on the Cadillac. This variation is great if you aren't used to supporting body weight with your hands as it strengthens grip and shoulder stability, and of course, mobilizes the spine. Gradually transfer more and more weight into your hands, until you are ready to hang, suspended from the overhead bars for full Spread Eagle.

Stomach Massage Series

Stomach Massage has several variations that open and lengthen the entire back of the body as well as a brisk tempo to give you a steady rhythm to build stamina. Challenge your core by progressively lifting into a more upright posture while you sweep back and forth on the carriage. Learn this exercise and more in our Essential Reformer classes.

Essential Standing Side Splits on the Reformer

Standing exercises can improve posture and your sense of balance. The moving carriage introduces an element of instability, while the variable resistance from the springs challenges the way your brain organizes your movement. Three versions of Side Splits are shown in this demonstration, each sequential variation more challenging than the previous.

Teaser on the Reformer Box

There are many mat and equipment versions of the Teaser. Teaser performed on the Reformer box is one of the more challenging versions of the Teaser. In addition to the balance required to lift your torso and legs off the mat, this version of the Teaser has the mat moving under you as your arms pull into the Reformer straps/ropes. Also, your abdominal muscles have to pull against the Reformer straps/ropes in addition to lifting your torso and maintaining your imprinted/scooped lower back and pelvis.

GYROTONIC® Movement Demos

Arch & Curl

The Arch & Curl series is a full body exercise that begins at the spine and continues through the entire body. Watch the way Matisse, of Connecticut Ballet, fluidly uses her core to coordinate and support her shoulders and arms. 


Spiraling on the Gyrotonic Tower at SOMA Movement Studio lengthens the spine and encourages healthy rotation of the rib cage. The handles can be adjusted for height and settings changed as your flexibility increases over time. 

Figure of Eight

The Figure of Eight exercise increases the complexity of spirals by offsetting the circles the arms make creating a sensation of anticipation as the spine follows one arm, and then the other. Truly beautiful! 

Figure of Eight

Another angle highlighting the spiraling spine movement. Like many Gyrotonic Method exercises, Figure of Eight including gentle, wave-like spine mobilization to increase flexibility and fluidity through all vertebrae.

Spiral Variations

With the hands on different levels on the handle the angle of the spine articulation and rotation has changed in comparison to the Arch & Curl Spiral. The handles of Gyrotonic Tower gently guide the arc of the movement, while strengthening core and shoulder girdle through resistance to turning.


The skipping exercise has a wonderful rhythm and develops control of the entire leg, including the joints of the feet. 


This exercise, reminiscent of a dolphin's tail, flows from side to side. The pulley weights lift your legs as if you are floating, then you use your strength to press the legs back down, as if propelling yourself through the water.

Working in Turnout - Simple Frog Leg Circles

Simple, turned out, frog leg circles are great on the Gyrotonic pulley circle because the hamstrings and gluteal muscles must support the turned out legs and resist the pull of the cables from above.

Peter Pan

An asymmetric exercise which teaches you how to control asymmetry in pelvis as one hip flexes in neutral and the other in external rotation. The rhythm and flow make this exercise so much fun!

Leg Circles with Pulley Cables from Above

When the pulley cables are well balanced relative your core and leg strength, these leg circles feel like you are floating in water. A gentle, yet invigorating way to stretch and develop long lines.

Dance Tutorials

Beyonce Arms Dance Move Tutorial

Do you love Beyonce's sexy arms? Use this dance move at your next party or at Ally's Cardio DANCE Fitness Class!

Latin Twist

Did you know the secret to this twist is how you transfer weight from leg to leg? Try this sexy twist tutorial.

Yoga Tutorials

Sun Salutations are a wonderful sequence of poses that can be modified for anyone from complete beginner to seasoned practitioner. Meet Chris for Saturday morning Beginner Yoga Flow classes at SOMA Movement Studio in Unionville CT.