• Andy has a PhD in neurosciences and spent 25 years conducting original research on the cellular basis of nerve regeneration - publishing numerous peer-reviewed articles. In 2011 Andy personally experienced the healing power of Hanna Somatic Education—a movement therapy that takes full advantage of modern neurobiological principles of learning and movement control. He is now certified as a Clinical Somatic Educator and has taught hundreds of Somatic Movement group classes and private sessions. He enjoys sharing his knowledge on brain function and movement to empower people of all activity levels to help them live pain free. 

  • Bogusia is the physical therapist owner of Farmington Valley Physical Therapy and has been in practice over thirty years. She is originally from Poland and trained in rehabilitation both in Europe and in the US. In addition to being a physical therapist, she is also a certified Hanna Somatic Educator and has trained in Pilates and Yoga. She incorporates aspects of Hanna Somatics and Pilates while treating patients and clients. In addition to her clinical practice, she teaches Hanna Somatic Movement Classes. She enjoys skiing, swimming, gardening, biking, and tea appreciation in her free time and has two grown children.

  • Kristen is a classically trained and certified Pilates instructor.  She has been sharing her love for Pilates for over six years.  Kristen also has a BA in dance from Oklahoma City University.  Upon graduation she moved to Las Vegas, NV and performed in such renowned shows as Illusions and Beyond and Legends in Concert. Kristen teach group Reformer and Equipment Classes at SOMA.  Kristen is really excited to be living in CT with her family and being part of the SOMA Movement Studio team!

  • Paulina is a fitness enthusiast and a Total Barre™ trained instructor. Living a healthy and fit life is important to her. She is just beginning her career in the fitness industry, and truly enjoys teaching Total Barre classes because the class incorporates flexibility and posture with a full body workout. Paulina is also a college student with an Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences, and she plans on continuing her education further in the Biology field.

  • Sharon is a 2006 graduate of Kripalu's teacher training. She has studied with many nationally known teachers and has assisted yoga and meditation workshops at Kripalu and her teaching strongly reflects Kripalu's emphasis on breath, relaxation, and self acceptance. Sharon took her first yoga class in 2003 and quickly fell in love with the practice. Her classes feature a slow, sweet, stretchy style of yoga that focuses on the breath, alignment, and the release of tension, encouraging students to go deeply into feeling and to make each posture fit their body and it's unique needs and abilities.

  • Jackie, MA, 200-RYT, completed her Yoga Alliance training at Sacred Rivers Yoga under the direction of Paula Scopino. Jackie firmly believes that yoga is for everyone and provides gentle classes for calming the mind, strengthening the body, and nourishing the spirit.  She is professor emeritus of early childhood education and shares yoga with colleagues, students, and young children. Jackie has also completed Kripalu Yoga Ed Tools for Teachers training with Joanne Spence; Bodhi Seeds Early Childhood Teacher Training with 108 Monkeys; Kripalu Breath-Body-Mind and Yoga for Emotion Regulation, Learning, and Well-Being; and Yoga for Anxiety and Depression with Bo Forbes. 

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  • Heather Whitehouse began Pilates with the encouragement of her daughter to re-new her relationship with her own body. Her personal journey with Pilates began when she had a hip that became painful and basically non-functional. She started moving slowly on the Reformer and saw fabulous results. Heather realized that she needed to share her personal experience and passion for Pilates by pursuing certification to become a teacher.  Heather has been teaching Reformer and Core Align for over 8 years. Her primary focus is on technique and quality of movement enabling the client to achieve their individual goals regardless of age or fitness level. To see returning happy students is a great reward.  In addition to instructing Pilates, Heather also works at the Mattatuck Museum of American Art and History in Waterbury, as Director of Education. She is an avid photographer who spends her leisurely time painting and reading. "I take my artistic side of my brain and apply it to the body with movement and to build strength in forgotten places enabling us to stay young, fit, and full of vitality."

  • Mary discovered Pilates ten years ago and has been loving it ever since. She enjoys introducing people who are completely new to Pilates to its benefits including clients who are recovering from injuries or completely new to exercise. She teaches private sessions, Pre-Pilates and is well versed on all of SOMA Movement Studio's Pilates apparatus. She is also a licensed GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® instructor.