Infrared Saunas at SOMA Movement Studio

SOMA Movement Studio utilizes Solo System® Infrared Saunas for the most comfortable sauna experience imaginable. Envelope yourself in a warmth that penetrates deep within your body while comfortably breathing normal, room air. Our personal infrared sauna units provide just the escape you need to relax, unwind, and get away from it all.


Infrared vs Traditional Sauna Temperature

The temperature for a traditional sauna typically ranges between 150 and 185º F. The temperature for a far-infrared sauna is usually set between 120 and 140º F; however, unlike the traditional sauna, the goal in an infrared is not to achieve a high temperature. Instead, in a far-infrared sauna, the bather wants the emitters to remain active because infrared energy is only being emitted when the emitters are on. In an IR sauna the bather will feel hot and will sweat profusely, but at much lower temperatures. Thus, if the goal is to spend longer periods of time in the sauna, the IR sauna is a good choice.


Duration of Sessions

The length of recommended use for both infrared and traditional saunas is approximately the same; however, due to the lower air temperatures and the ability to feel the effects of infrared heat faster than a traditional sauna, it is not uncommon for a person to spend 30 or more minutes in an infrared sauna. Regardless of which heat system is used, the bather must closely monitor how he feels while using the room, and he must be sure to drink plenty of water during the break between sessions.


We use Solo Saunas for three reasons:

  • It is the most hygienic sauna system available
  • The client's head extends beyond the sauna dome which allows for longer treatment times
  • The sauna allows for selective treatment of the lower extremities (legs), waist down, or full body.

Solo Infrared sauna domes are the most hygienic sauna options available. At SOMA Movement Studio we line our Infrared Saunas with soft, eco-friendly, highly absorbant bamboo fiber mats (the natural alternative to microfiber towels). The dome is then pulled over your body and your head extends beyond the dome to breath normal room air. The dome itself is lined with Infrared wave emitters which create infrared waves which penetrate deeper into your body than traditional saunas. The entire dome is disinfected between clients and the bamboo mat replaced. At SOMA Movement Studio, we prefer this system than wood/cedar saunas which can absorb sweat and harbor fugus. The retractable dome also gives us the ability to allow clients with high blood pressure to selectively treat their lower extremities (legs) without raising their core body temperature.


Breathe Normal Room Air

SOMA Movement Studio's Solo System® Infrared Saunas are shaped like tubes and cover your entire body from the SHOULDERS DOWN. Meaning your head is outside the sauna which give you the ability to breathe normal, room temperature air. Because your head is not inside the sauna, your experience is much more comfortable, you can spend more time in the sauna, and the experience can be much better for people with lung and blood pressure conditions.



15 min sessions

  • $20 for 1 session
  • $95 for 5 sessions (5% discount)
  • $180 for 10 sessions (10% discount)

30 min sessions

  • $30 for 1 session
  • $142 for 5 sessions (5% discount)
  • $270 for 10 sessions (10% discount)

45 min sessions

  • $40 for 1 session
  • $190 for 5 sessions (5% discount)
  • $360 for 10 sessions (10% discount)

60 min sessions

  • $50 for 1 session
  • $237 for 5 sessions (5% discount)
  • $450 for 10 sessions (10% discount)