Small Business Update: Word is Getting Out!! Introducing the SOMA Referral Program

Our website traffic has doubled in the last couple weeks.... which is awesome. People are finding out about our team of instructors, our studio, and our classes. I have people walking into the studio daily now, asking more more information and interested in looking around. I thought now might be the time to introduce our referral program where you can bring your friends and colleagues into the studio, and as a reward, you get a free Equipment class of your choice credited to your account when you friend makes their first purchase.

Another option if you have a couple of friends that you would like to introduce to the studio is a specially scheduled class, just for your group. If you have at least two friends that you would like to bring with you to the studio, just call us to let us know, and we will schedule a class at time that convenient for your group of three or more. 

Right now, you're friend has to list your name as a referral source on our registration sheet or tell us and then we will credit your online account for the class. As soon as I figure out how to automate and add that online capability on to the website, I will.

Small Business Update: Gift certificates & Brochures are in!

Our hi-tech marketing materials are now available and I think they came out beautifully. We have trifold, glossy paper, brochures that are individually numbered and barcoded to act as gift certificates which can be redeemed online in our class scheduler for classes.

There are four separate bits of digital information embedded in our gift certificates. The first is a QR code in the lower right corner of the map which directs your smartphone/tablet to open our address in Google Maps in case your are trying set up GPS navigation to our Studio. To use this QR code, you scan it with a QR scanner app. I have the app, Quick Scan, on my phone and it works well.

Next we have a numerical code which is the gift certificate code that is redeemable online in our Class Scheduler. Just login, sign up for the class that the gift certificate specifies, and use this code to pay for your class during Checkout. If you prefer, to redeem your gift certificate in person at the Studio, then we will use the UPC barcode that is next to the gift certificate code to redeem the card.

Finally, in the contact information at the bottom of the brochure/gift certificate, there is another QR code that directs your phone to open our website.

We'll be distributing these brochures/gift certificates at various events and functions in the Farmington Valley that are happening in the next couple months. I'll keep you updated with events where you'll see us.