Dance Fitness Special Event Classes Starting this Week

Dance Fitness classes in a variety of styles now offered at SOMA Movement Studio. Image courtesy of Visceral Movement.

SOMA Movement Studio is excited to introduce three new dance fitness classes to our repertoire of mind-body fitness instruction. Ally Davis, founder and director of a new Connecticut dance company, Visceral Movement, will be offering Zen Dance (Dance and Yoga-Inspired Fusion), Hip Hop Cardio & Choreography, and Bringin’ Sexy Back- Burlesque Dance Fitness! Each class offers a unique dance fitness workout that’s easy to follow and doesn’t feel like a workout!

Ally’s classes blend various contemporary dance styles with popular fitness styles as well as more classical dance forms like Modern, Ballet, and Jazz. Foundational moves are combined to create dance routines that are accessible to the novice while simultaneously building choreography that will challenge even the seasoned dancer. “I created classes that I would want to take, classes I simply couldn’t find anywhere around me in Connecticut.” said Ally Davis. “The classes for the summer session at SOMA’s beautiful studio are designed mostly with women in mind. I wanted to help ladies to feel sexy & more confident in their own bodies; who want to enjoy their workout & feel empowered by it!”

All three dance fitness classes are meant to be fun for participants of all ages and abilities. The beauty of dance is that you are able adjust the intensity by modifying the moves to fit your body's needs. SOMA Movement Studio’s wonderfully supportive environment is filled with people that are there to help support and inspire you. Check out the class descriptions and try out each class!

New to dance or Yoga? Used to dance growing up and miss it? This class is for you! Explore a blend of dance, inspired by Classical Ballet and Modern, with Yoga-inspired postures and sequences. Open to all levels, this class is designed to accommodate anyone who attends; both the dancer and non-dancer. Class combines dance movement with both gentle and aerobic Yoga sequences in a non-competitive environment. The class will include floor-work, sitting, standing, traveling, and barre exercises. Let go of the stresses of life, release some tension and get free, refresh and renew your mind in good company! Yoga mats provided, or bring your own.

Learn choreographed dance routines just like in music videos while getting a great cardio workout at the same time! Image courtesy of Visceral Movement.

Have you ever wanted to move like dancers in a music video? Do you crave a fun, new workout that doesn't feel like a workout? Hip Hop Cardio & Choreography will be the highlight of your week! Class starts with easy-to-follow Hip Hop warm-ups, using isolations, undulations, and steps that lead up to a final choreographed piece. Hip Hop or street sneakers are a must for every class, and we thank you for ensuring they are a different pair than the shoes you arrive to class in to help keep our beautiful studio clean!

BRINGIN' SEXY BACK - BURLESQUE DANCE FITNESS, Bringin’ Sexy Back Burlesque is an open-level class designed to wake up hips, shoulders, spine, and anything else you might want to move with intention and freedom. Music will be diverse including Blues, Jazz, Postmodern Jukebox, Hip Hop, as well as contemporary popular music. Movements will range from body rolls, isolations, and gestures, to choreography and coordination exercises that will challenge your mind and body. Explore both vintage and Neo-Burlesque dance styles Feel free to go barefoot for most of class, but be sure to bring a pair of cute shoes with any size heel for a seated chair routine! Any other props we use will be provided for you. Burlesque is a workout that doesn’t feel like one!

Visit the Visceral Movement Dance Company website!